Survey Work

The crew fly thousands of kilometres every year, and from a privileged position, see the world from a different perspective. These images reflect the beauty and nature of their hours in the sky while carrying out survey work as well as their time spent in the field.


RWT_EM_BIRD_15 Baobabs Bazaruto RWT_EM_BIRD_25 Caldera RWT_EM_BIRD_11 Camel Cameroon RWT_EM_BIRD_4 Compounds CPU-board danger DRC DRC2 DSC_2983 DSC_9483 DSC-3060 Equipment Ethiopia RWT_EM_BIRD_10 IMG_0834 RWT_EM_BIRD_17 IMG_1526 IMG_2917 IMG_2918 IMG_2921 RWT_EM_BIRD_27 IMG_3309 IMG_5783 IMG_7291 Iran Looking-up-from-Below-small Iran2 Iran3 Landscape Liberia Luanda Magnetics MiddleEast MiddleEast2 Mountains Mozambique Namibia LiftingUp_About-to-leave Nampula Nelspruit Photo-2014-05-14 ReFuel RWT_EM_BIRD_22 Rikeb-Eritrea RWT_EM_BIRD_1 Rob_Zara Sudan RWT_EM_BIRD_8 Sunset RWT_EM_BIRD_18 from-the-front 2015-07-17-09.07.50 Ungandan_Border 3_Bees waving 2015-07-09-14.22.28 Wonderboom 2015-07-15-09.13.12 RWT_EM_BIRD_26 ZS-RZM1 ZS-RZM2 DSCN3026 ZS-RZM3 2015-07-16-08.18.43 ZS-RZM4 2015-07-16-08.38.05 Tanzania 2015-07-16-12.51.05 flying-over IMG_5972 RWT_EM_Bird Zambezi 2015-07-16-10.24.59