Oliver Wright – Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Wright has over 20 years of experience in geophysics, and is well recognized as one of the pioneers in geophysical exploration since his involvement began in 1980. He is the CEO of New Resolution Geophysics (NRG) since its inception in 2005 and was involved in the design and implementation of the first helicopter gradient and fixed-wing gradiometer systems.

Prior to founding NRG, Ollie was the Director of Geodass for nearly 20 years, following on as General Manager for Fugro Airborne Surveys for another 5 years. Ollie began flying in 1990 and has in excess of 6000 flying hours. Ollie’s wealth of experience as a helicopter pilot, operator and owner is incomparable.


Roger Wright – Chief Operating Officer

Roger Wright is an experienced engineer in airborne geophysical systems with over 25 years in the industry. He is the co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer for the company. Prior to NRG, he was the Manager of Airborne Systems for Geodass and subsequently for Fugro Airborne Surveys. Roger was involved in the design and implementation of the worlds first tri-axial fixed wing platform and horizontal gradient magnetic system on a helicopter platform.

Roger has played a significant role in developing the Xplorer High Resolution Magnetic and Radiometic system as well as the Xtract fixed wing gravity and magnetic system for the company.


Keith Fisk – Managing Director (Australia)

Keith is a geophysicist with over 25 years of experience in mineral and petroleum exploration, primarily focused on airborne geophysics. Keith has travelled and worked extensively in North & South America, as well as Africa and the Middle East, and most recently in Asia and Australia where he presently lives in Perth, WA.

Keith has held senior technical and management roles at the Zimbabwe Geological Survey, High Sense Geophysics in Harare as well as Fugro Airborne Surveys in Johannesburg. Before joining NRG as Managing Director of NRG Australia, Keith was the Managing Director and co-founder of Geotech Airborne’s group of companies in South Africa, Europe and Australia.


Megan Sparrow – Regional General Manager

Megan Sparrow is the Regional General Manager in Pretoria and has been with NRG since its early days. As the Regional General Manager, alongside Roger Wright, she is involved in directing and co-ordinating a range of activities and functions to ensure effective delivery of services and achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives in accordance with the code of business ethics, policies and standards to grow the business, increase efficiency and maximise production. Her role further involves all SACAA administration and compliance affairs, crew relations, field logistics as well as being responsible for the day-to-day administration of aircraft and crew. She has first-hand experience with the logistical complications that come with operating in remote African environments.

Megan is always looking for ways to improve the health and safety of the company. She was responsible for NRG’s aircraft operator, Skyhorse Aviation, being successfully audited by BARS and achieving a ‘Gold Status’. Her experience in the field of safety and her no-compromise attitude are essential to NRG’s safe operating.


Larissa Hewitt – Regional General Manager

Larissa is the General Manager in Cape Town, and alongside the CEO, co-ordinates a range of activities and functions to ensure effective delivery of services and achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives in accordance with the code of business ethics and standards to grow the business, increase efficiency and maximise production.

Larissa also heads up the Sales and Marketing division where she is responsible for the growth and sustainability of the company with the target of generating new opportunities, as well as monitoring industry activities to assist in developing overall business strategy.

With her education in BSc Finance and Property, Larissa has accomplished skills in business strategy and so manages the development of the company with a hands on approach.


Valma Janse van Rensburg – Financial Manager

Valma Janse van Rensburg joined the NRG team in 2018 as the Financial Manager; leading all financial matters, including accounting and reporting, cash management, systems implementation and development as well as management of internal controls. Prior to joining the NRG team, Valma was Head of Finance / CFO in the inbound Travel Industry for over 15 years. Valma is a member of CIMA, a registered Tax Practitioner and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with majors in Finance and Management.



Richard Wright – Engineering Manager

Richard has been with NRG since its inception in 2005 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company where he heads up the Engineering Department. His extensive experience in research, design, processes and equipment ensures that with each technology offered NRG deliver an industry-leading product. Richard was instrumental in the design and development of the new helicopter borne time-domain electromagnetic system, Xcite™, as well as NRG’s acquisition systems and base stations.


Ryan Louw – Chief Pilot

Ryan Louw has been employed at NRG since 2006. His extensive experience in commercial helicopter operations includes over 3000hrs in geophysical/geological exploration applications. He is Chief Pilot at NRG and ensures that all survey operations are conducted in compliance with ICAO and IAGSA standards. Ryan’s focus on safety is uncompromising, he has been involved in the development of a number of safety-orientated directives that make NRG crew among the safest worldwide. He was active in the BARS auditing process which granted NRG’s aircraft operator, Skyhorse Aviation, their Gold Status..

He oversees more than 20 pilots, ensuring production levels and safety standards are consistently upheld. Ryan’s hands-on experience in helicopter operations across Africa brings invaluable know-how to the company.


Jakes Botha – Technicians Manager

Qualified as an electrical engineer, Jakes has been with NRG for over ten years where he heads up the technical department and works closely with the crew in the field ensuring the geophysical data is of the highest possible standard. He is responsible for the management and installation of the different geophysical equipment systems, and has a broad knowledge of airborne surveys and supports the project management tasks.

John Bevington – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

John Bevington has been with NRG since 2013. He is a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and obtained his license in 2010. John is responsible for the maintenance of our fleet of aircraft and ensures that they are airworthy at all times. His professional approach and uncompromising attitude to safety and maintenance keeps NRG’s production during a survey as smooth and uninterrupted as possible. He also heads up NRG’s Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) based at Wonderboom airport.

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